Anna Stanford, a self-taught home cook and mother of three with a successful social media profile, approached us in early 2022 with a comprehensive proposal for “the go-to cookbook for busy families.” She wanted to collate her popular recipes for everyday family life into an invaluable resource for anyone cooking to meet the demands of fussy eaters or individual needs. Anna started working with us in February and by the end of August, the final draft of her book was complete, ready for publication in late September.

The production process involved lots of recipe editing to ensure the format was completely consistent throughout the book – this was especially important as Anna included swaps, adaptations and variations on almost all her recipes to make them as flexible as possible for her family-oriented followers. The seven-day photoshoot for the book was a great success thanks to Anna’s organisation, some invaluable helpers, and photographer Simon Burt’s expertise combined with Anna’s vision for the book and her in-depth knowledge of what worked for her target audience.

Through pre-orders and lots of engagement with her social media following in the run-up to the book’s publication, Anna achieved record sales and sold out of the initial print run within just a month of the official release date. Anna’s Family Kitchen has now sold over 7,000 copies in 4 months as of January 2023, covering not only the production costs but a further print run of 5,000 copies as well as making our debut author a healthy profit. We are very proud to have produced such a beautiful, practical and successful book with Anna and look forward to seeing what she does next!

Anna’s Family Kitchen

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