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We are specialists in designing and producing cookbooks, providing you with a creative and professional publishing service.

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We will edit and proofread your content for consistency and accuracy, offering creative input where needed, while making sure the style and tone stay true to your overall vision.

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We use experienced freelance photographers who will work with you to capture your food at its very best, creating stunning full colour imagery to be featured throughout your book.

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We work with your vision to create a standout cover and beautiful interior with designs that offer a visually coherent and accessible end result.

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We will devise a targeted strategy for reaching local and national media across all forms of press, from print magazines to podcasts, as well as promoting the book across social media channels.

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We combine your sphere of influence with our extensive network of contacts, covering large distributors and independents all over the country, to sell your book and maximise profits.

Pre-Order: Becs’ Everyday Bites

Ever found yourself stuck in a midweek cooking rut, or struggling to avoid the lure of an indulgent Friday night takeaway? Becs’ Everyday Bites is the book to solve these culinary conundrums and more, offering home cooks a treasure trove of family-friendly dinners for every day of the week. Featuring over 80 recipes under 500 calories, this book is the inspiration you need when it comes to a healthier lifestyle that doesn’t compromise on flavour or fun!

Pre-Order Becs’ Everyday Bites

Order Now: The Pack Horse

The Pack Horse takes readers through a year in the life of the Peak District pub it’s named after, encompassing seasonal British food at its best alongside the well-worn trails of the surrounding countryside. With four chapters of irresistible dishes to recreate at home plus beautifully illustrated local walks, The Pack Horse is a delightful journey just waiting to be embarked on.

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Order Now: Good Looking Cooking

Good Looking Cooking brings professional kitchen knowledge into the home cook’s domain, offering tips and hacks for creating restaurant-level dishes with ease. Over 80 exciting and innovative recipes showcase author Olivia Burt’s sophisticated yet homely approach to cooking, bringing beautiful food within everyone’s reach. Cook like a chef without the stress and enjoy a journey full of flavour and discovery in your home kitchen.

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Order Now: The Garlic Story

This unique cookbook focuses on a single, humble, often overlooked ingredient: garlic. Featuring an inspiring collection of over 60 recipes alongside a fascinating journey through time encompassing medicine, myth and folklore, The Garlic Story gives garlic the spotlight and teaches readers how to embrace this unassuming allium to transform their home cooking.

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Let our clients tell you in their own words about their experience of publishing with us

Tim wraith

Tim Wraith

“Working with Meze is incredibly easy because they are incredibly organised. That’s their field of expertise, and they do take away a lot of the stress of it, but they also involve you in the whole process. The feedback we’ve had is that we have produced a very, very good quality cookbook. It’s brought in about £40,000 for the Hospice and made us many friends along the way. If you want to produce a cookbook, Meze are the people to go to.”

Danilo Cortelini

Danilo Cortellini

“Publishing my first cookbook was scary at first but with Meze on my side, it felt safe at every step. They guided me through the layout but gave me total freedom, and I truly appreciate that. It felt professional. You could tell straight away that this was a product made by an expert in producing cookbooks.”

Jenny Jefferies

“Meze Publishing are passionate about food, books and people, making them such a straightforward and fun company to work with. Phil Turner, the director, believed in my concept right from the very beginning, which was just brilliant. Working with such a first-class, talented team, who offer you as much freedom and guidance as you need, made it all very enjoyable. I put my heart and my soul into my books, and they did too.”

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