How does it work?

We are specialists in designing and producing cookbooks, providing you with a creative and professional publishing service. Our processes are slightly different from most traditional publishing houses and we have two distinct models to suit all our authors.

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“Our best sellers have always been books whose authors collaborate with us to reach the people who most want to buy it, whether this is an existing fan base or your target market.”


How long does the whole process take?

It differs for every project but on average it takes between six months and a year to create and publish a book, depending on the number of contributors involved.

What retailers do you work with?

Our books can be found in a range of bookshops, gift shops and supermarkets – the exact retailers will depend on your book’s target market so we can always make sure it’s in front of the right audience. Our books are often stocked in Waterstones and WH Smiths and we frequently work with Selfridges, Booths, Harrods, Waitrose, Oliver Bonas, The V&A Museums, The Natural History Museum, Daunt Books, Toppings, Books for Cooks and many more.

Can you sell my books abroad?

Yes – our wholesalers distribute abroad and will make the book available on and Book Depository, who ship worldwide. We have a distributor in Australia and North America too, which specialises in making sure the relevant books appear in bookshops and gift shops. We also work with a foreign rights agent, and we can discuss this further if this is the right avenue for your book.

What are your storage fees?

Free for the first year, then monthly charges apply depending on the number of copies we are holding for you.

When do I get paid?

We will send you a breakdown of the book sales every three months after publication, and you will be paid the following month.

How does your commission structure work?

It depends on the deal we agree with you, but our standard rate of commission is 25% on all sales.

How can I keep costs down for this project?

If you are a specialist food photographer or professional designer, we can negotiate you taking on some of the work during production to reduce costs. We tailor all our quotes to the client and make sure you are getting the best value for money.

Are there any extra costs involved?

No – our packages include everything! The only time you may incur additional fees is if you decide to print more copies of your book after the contract has been signed, or if the project takes more of our time than expected where we are not responsible for the delays. We will always discuss this with you throughout the project and make sure you are aware of any potential fees to avoid them wherever possible.

Do you pay for PR & Marketing?

Our in-house PR and marketing team have an extensive network of contacts. and promote every book we publish. As a rule, we do not pay for extra publicity and instead use our connections and content to arrange free press and interviews. However, if an opportunity arose that seemed pivotal to the book’s success, it would always be up for discussion.

Do you employ a food stylist for your photoshoots?

No, we don’t use food stylists in order to keep your costs down. If you wanted to hire someone or have us appoint a stylist for a photoshoot, we can work this into the contract. The photographers we use have a wealth of experience with food styling and can usually provide props and backgrounds for the shoot, along with plenty of creative ideas to make your food look its best.

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