Veggin’ Out


Vegging Out is Jasmine Cassells guide to the plant based diet – drawing on her experience as a plant-based nutritionist, Jasmine teaches you how to add variety to the classic meat-fille meals we know and love. With over 100 recipes to spark inspiration, from plant based burgers and roast dinners to sweet treats and party food, Vegging Out shows you just how easy it is to have a wide and diversified diet full of plant-based goodness, and teaches you how to embrace more nature on your plate!

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Veggin’ Out, the new cook book from debut author and plant-based nutritionist Jasmine Cassells highlights and celebrates the plethora of plant-based options to phase into your diet. Showcasing 100 recipes to replace and add variety to the classic meat-filled meals we know and love, Veggin’ Out is a beginner’s guide to this sometimes daunting process of transition into the plant-based lifestyle. From tasty plant-based burgers, pizzas and roast dinners to sweet treats, poke bowls and party food, there’s pages filled with tasty recipes to spark your inspiration. Highlights include the Beet it with the Lot Burger, BBQ Chickpea Pizza, Tofu To-key Roast, Chocolate Cob with Banana & Strawberry Skewers, Big Veggie Brekkie Board, Potato Cake Bake and Homemade Hummus – showing you just how easy it is to have a wide and varied diet full of plant-based goodness. Veggin’ Out will help teach you how to be more in tune with nature and how there are a myriad of ways to have a diversified diet and go plant-based.