Sweet Chilli Friday


Sweet Chilli Friday is a cook book for lovers of great tasting vegetarian food who are always on the go. The brainchild of six working mums, it’s full of flavours from across the globe. The headline rule is keep it simple, so these are dishes you’ll be able to make from ingredients you’ll already have at home or can lay your hands on easily.

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Sweet Chilli Friday is the debut cook book from six working mothers who get together once a month to share recipes at their cooking club, Peppercorn Passion. With more than 60 vegetarian dishes in all, the flavours are drawn from all over the world, from Italian-inspired aubergine crostinis to Burmese street food, as well as eirio (Kenyan vegetable mash), pinwheel samosas and blueberry chia puddings. The group started when two old school friends, Sangita Manek and Sheetal Mistry, were discussing how they both always made the same five dishes over and over again and their families were getting bored. So what if they swapped recipes? Before long there were four more friends in the mix, Alpa Lakhani, Anjana Natalia, Sonia Sapra and Deepa Jaitha, and the Peppercorn Passion cooking club was born. Sweet Chilli Friday is a collection of the recipes they have shared over the years; all are vegetarian, and the headline rule is to keep it simple. All are busy working mothers so these dishes are easy enough for most people to make at home on a midweek night for the whole family. They use ingredients most people will already have in the store cupboards and they taste great too.