Didnt Happen Of the year awards

This second title under our Unfiltered Books imprint, for humour and gift books, came about in 2022 following a successful campaign to reach a level of pre-orders that would fund the production and print of the project. Author Harry Barnes is best known for running the popular Twitter account Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards, which exposes the biggest liars and exaggerators the internet has to offer. He brought together years of content from the account, including the comments and behind-the-scenes stories of the funniest posts and wildest claims. Once edited by our team and designed to look like the social media it originally appeared on, this became the official compilation of the Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards.

Corporate employee by day, exposer of ham-fisted hyperbole by night, Harry has been using the Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards to call out social media users since 2016. After buying the account for just £300, Harry has grown it to just under 500k followers, taking DHOTYA to such heights that he’s been challenged to “combat” by Chris Eubank and had the account name-dropped in the Houses of Parliament. In the book, readers can enjoy his hand-picked entries as well as look back on the winners of the last six years, as voted for by thousands of fans.

Since its December 2022 release, the book has reached Number 1 on Amazon in the Movers and Shakers category, sold over 2000 copies in under a month, and filled countless stockings across the UK. We hope to replicate this publishing model with similar titles under our newest imprint in future and will continue to work with social media stars like Harry to put their best content in print.

Didn’t Happen of the Year Awards

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