Behind the pass

In early 2022, successful Sheffield-based restaurateurs Luke and Stacey Sherwood-French came to us with their concept for a new cookbook unlike any other, celebrating the UK’s hospitality industry with a hand-picked selection of chefs who would share recipes and insights from their restaurant kitchens. With their insider knowledge and personal connections, Luke and Stacey brought 18 contributors on board who agreed to be involved with the production and promotion of the book, including some of the biggest names in the industry alongside exciting new talent.

Together with Meze’s writer and editor, Katie Fisher, and experienced food photographer Tim Green, Luke and Stacey visited every contributor in person to hold in-depth but informal interviews designed to allow each chef to open up about their profession. From the stories behind their ingredient choices to reflections on the nature of hospitality in 2022, this approach created lots of unique content for the book alongside incredible images of beautifully presented dishes and candid shots of the chefs at work.

With a successful pre-Christmas release and a launch event planned for early 2023, Luke and Stacey’s aim is for Behind The Pass to be the first in a series of bi-annual cookbooks showcasing the best culinary talent in the UK. This stunning high-end publication is the product of a year’s hard work and commitment which we hope to see in the hands of many more established and aspiring chefs going forward, highlighting the strengths of our hospitality industry and inspiring positive change.

Behind The Pass

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