Project Description

The Little Book of Cakes and Bakes

Inspired by our ‘Get Stuck In’ series, The Little Book of Cakes & Bakes is a handy baking guide featuring some of the best recipes the UK has to offer, all of which are able to be re-created in the home. From traditional treats to contemporary concoctions, this book is a celebration of the art of baking, aiming to inspire a nation to get in the kitchen and pick up a whisk.

Featuring delicious and diverse recipes such as Alphabet Gift Shop in Burton-on-Trent’s gluten-free chocolate torte and Mill Kitchen in Farsley’s raspberry cheesecake brownies, the book contains recipes for all kinds of baking lovers – no matter your dietary requirements, with Nottingham’s own Debbie Bryan’s Vegan Cream Tea standing out as a unique twist on the British classic.

A real effort has been made from contributors to both honour tradition and encourage experimentation; each recipe is handpicked because of their simple yet effective nature, giving you the opportunity to create a show-stopper in the comfort of your own home.  The book also includes a handy ‘Tips and Tricks’ section that will have less confident bakers mastering that perfect rise and flaky pastry in no time. This, along with the glossary of baking terminology will have you feeling like an expert, ready to impress your friends and family with your newly-refined skills.

So whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned baker looking to experiment, The Little Book of Cakes & Bakes is the book for you.