VEGAN and gluten free beer battered onion rings- perfect for Veganuary

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Photography by Rob Wicks @eatpictures

Recipes by Philip Pearce

Need some Veganuary inspiration? Here’s the legendary gluten free beer battered onion rings from the totally vegan Green Rocket Cookbook!

Preparation time: 15 minutes, plus 3 hours marinating Cooking time: 15 minutes Serves 2-4


2 large Spanish onions

250ml white wine vinegar

150g white rice four, plus extra for dusting

50g chickpea flour, plus extra for dusting

50g farina (potato flour)

50g cornflour

4 teaspoon onion powder

2 teaspoon fine salt

1 teaspoon white pepper

300ml gluten-free beer

Oil, for frying (such as sunflower or rapeseed)


Peel the onions whole, then slice them evenly into 1cm rounds and remove the centres. Place the onion slices in a 2 litre container, cover with water and pour in the white wine vinegar. Leave to soak for at least 3 hours (overnight is ideal). If preferred, you can omit the white wine vinegar completely and just soak them in water. Personally, I like the taste because it’s reminiscent of pickled onions which cuts through the oil well.

Transfer the marinated onion slices to a colander and separate the slices into rings, allowing them to drain thoroughly. Meanwhile, sift all the flours into a large bowl. Stir in the onion powder, salt and white pepper and then pour in two thirds of the beer. Whisk until the batter is smooth with no lumps, then slowly add the remaining beer while whisking until it reaches a consistency like double cream (vegan obviously!) or a thick pancake batter, still a little runny but not so much that it doesn’t stick to the onions.

If you do not have a dedicated deep fat fryer, heat half a pan of oil to 180°c. The saucepan should be deep and the oil should not come much further than halfway up the sides for safety reasons. Ideally, you should also use a wire mesh basket or spoon to remove things from the fryer.

In another bowl, combine the extra rice flour and chickpea flour. Put the onion rings on a baking tray and dust each one with a little of the flour. Dip just enough onion rings to fit in your pan or fryer (probably 6 to 8) into the batter using metal tongs. Give them a gentle shake to remove the excess, then carefully lower them into the hot oil and cook in batches for 3 minutes before transferring the fried onion rings to a plate or tray lined with kitchen paper.

Repeat this process with all your onion rings and batter, adding a little more beer towards the end if the batter has thickened up with the extra flour. A very dense batter will not stick to the onions.

If you want to freeze the onion rings, deep fry them just long enough to seal the batter (90 seconds) and then drain before storing and freezing. They can then be fried from frozen. Season the hot battered onion rings with some Maldon sea salt. Enjoy with some vegan mayonnaise on the side for dipping- you can also find a recipe for this in the book!