Kate Marshall’s top tip for getting started with cooking

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Kate Marshall is the face of @yourmagicalkitchen on Instagram. She is a self-taught cook and an unabashed foodie. Her working life has straddled radio, television, publishing and government in the UK and Australia. Kate’s passion is helping people who love to eat, like to cook and can follow a recipe, but want to be more confident in their own kitchen. Her Instagram is chock-a-block with cuisines from every corner of the world, where she connects the dots for aspiring cooks who want to expand their culinary horizons, all in a non-scientific way. Her first published book takes readers on a personalised journey through nine easy steps to help them become a creative force in their kitchen, based on the foods they love to eat. Embedded in these steps are Kate’s personal and humorous stories, explaining how she learnt to cook and the mistakes and lessons she encountered on the way.

We spoke to Kate on a Live Instagram interview over at @mezepublishing all about her book and her exciting life which you can still catch on our IGTVs. We asked what advice she would give to someone who would like to start cooking and this was her top tip:

‘I think it’s a good thing to start with soups and salads. It’s very easy, it’s not expensive but in those salads and soups you have to be really clever. You’re testing how to do taste pairings, you know, the obvious ones being things like cauliflower and bacon (it goes beyond that in the book of course). So you start to make that work and then your taste buds will go ‘but now it needs this and it needs that’. And salads also are pretty good at working out flavours, you know, when you’re doing your peaches your pomegranates and your rocket and the rest of it, and in that way if you do that once or twice, possibly more in a week you can just get something from the super market or the farmers market, as I say it wont be expensive, and if you make a mistake you’ll learn something from it. You can go from there and then you can build up and that’s my thought on learning to cook or wanting to get a bit further on.’

Watch the full interview here!

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