A week in the life at Meze Publishing

Hi guys, my name is Lizzy and I’m the social media and PR manager of Meze Publishing. That means I’m in charge of getting all of the books we publish heard about in magazines, on radio stations, newspapers, etc, and of course, through social media platforms! Don’t get me wrong, in a normal week I’ll be sat at my desk sending out press releases and answering lots of emails, but we had a super fun week so I thought I’d take you guys along in the form of a blog post!

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First thing every Monday we have our Monday morning meeting. This is where we’ll check in with everyone else in the team, discuss deadlines, successes and targets for the week ahead. We have 4 titles being released this month so it’s all systems go!

After that I had my review meeting! These usually happen for everyone every 6 months It’s a one-on-one meeting with Phil, the big boss man, discussing our wins and giving constructive criticisms.  But for me it was slightly different. This job was found for me through the government’s Kickstart scheme which only lasts 6 months and my 6 months are almost up. This means that Phil had to decide whether I was worth keeping on the team and spoiler alert- I’m still here!


On Tuesday, Emma (our publishing and retail manager) and I went on a fun field day to the Mktg Showroom conference at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. We thought it would be lots of talks by marketing experts but it was more like a networking event. There were lots of stalls around the room, people giving us great ideas, talking about their services and giving out freebies. We came home with sweets, brownies, notepads, pens and even Jägermeister! One of the stalls even had an original Nintendo console where you could play Mario Kart but after seeing how terrible Emma was I decided to give it a miss so I didn’t embarrass myself! It’s always really refreshing to have a day out of the office but we were absolutely knackered by the end of the day!



Every year IPG (the Independent Publishers Guild) hold a big conference in London for Publishers across the UK to come together and talk about various topics. Last year it was all held over Zoom for obvious reasons. This year people could attend again but there was still the option to watch online so we watched some of the talks from the office. Katie, our writer, and I watched a talk about Sustainability and later in the day Emma and I watched a talk about marketing.

After work the three of us were lucky enough to go to a launch! The Lost and Found in Sheffield have introduced a new dinner menu and we were invited along to give it a go. Whenever we get invited to a launch like that I always try and take lots of videos of the venue and the food to post on social media. Emma and Katie had the Devonshire White Crab and Samphire Tagliolini and I had the Black Truffle Pappardelle, and we all shared some charred tenderstem broccoli and some hand stretched garlic bread. We were blown away by how delicious everything was and the garlic bread was probably the best I’ve EVER had! We were well and truly looked after and I even got shown the secret bar…..!


We had a great press day on Thursday! I sent out the press release for one of our new releases this November. It’s called Green Rocket- named after the café the author owns which is award winning and 100% vegan. Great for the run-up to Veganuary. The book got loads of great traction, but the most exciting email of the day was from the Independent looking to do an interview with the author of our Climate Change cookbook!

I also did a little bit of office maintenance. We have a board room where we do all of our meetings but it also happens to be the place we put all our junk when we don’t know where else to put it! Safe to say, it makes for an unsightly background for important Zoom calls so I put all the junk into boxes and popped a few of our books on disaply and it looks a million times better!


On Fridays I usually help out making some content for Exposed. Exposed magazine (@expmagsheff on Instagram) is our sister brand. After doing my promotional video for our Little Book of Sheffield we thought it might be a good idea to do a similar thing with Exposed so I often get sent out on field days to film around the city and create videos! There are a few in the works at the moment so keep an eye out!

And there we have it! A full week at Meze Publishing. Obviously, being social media manager as well throughout the week I’m constantly posting on our Instagram and Facebook pages so go ahead and follow us to see what we get up to (@mezepublishing)! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Lizzy x

The Marketing Showcase in Leeds

My meal and the garlic bread at the Lost and Found, Sheffield