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Hi guys, my name is Lizzy. I’m the Social Media and PR manager at Meze Publishing and I’m going to tell you about a few of the best places to eat in Sheffield according to the Little Book of Sheffield. Not only is the Little Book of Sheffield jam packed with recommendations for the best restaurants, pubs and bars, and cafes, it also goes into detail of all the amazing independent retailers and shops in the city. From beers to ice-creams to vintage clothing shops, the Little Book of Sheffield will be your best friend.

The Grind

So the Grind have a kitchen menu kind of situation where you can order to have some cooked but then they also have a selection of salads and things from the Deli as well. So, I went for the red pepper Mac’n’Cheese and a couple of salads and it was 10/10 without a shadow of a doubt. And not to mention, the cakes and bakes at the Grind are to die for.

Pom Kitchen

Also mentioned in the Little Book of Sheffield is Pom Kitchen on Sharrow Vale Road. The whole place is stunning: very instagrammable, lovely and pink, but the best part is that everything Pom do is vegetarian and vegan. I went for the Tokyo Dog which is a vegan hot dog with siracha mayo, crispy onions, sesame seeds and pink pickles, and admittedly it was pretty difficult to eat but it was still a 10/10. The drinks were all super fruity and refreshing and look as incredible as everything else in this place.

Birdhouse Tea Kitchen and Bar

At the Birdhouse Tea café I decided to get the lemon and rhubarb iced tea and the Garlic Mushroom pancakes, followed by a Chai Latte, which smelt like Christmas! I can confirm that the garlic mushroom pancakes were delicious. The food menu was definitely quite quirky and outgoing so if you’re adventurous with your food I can recommend this place. Birdhouse actually make their own teas and I’m very tempted to go back and try every single one of the tea flavours they do because the Lemon and Rhubarb iced tea was amazing. And not to mention the whole aesthetic of this place is so beautiful inside and out.


So having gone to loads of cafes and lunch spots I thought it was only right to show you a dinner place from the book as well so I went to Domo, a Sardinian restaurant in Kelham Island and it is absolutely stunning, on a sunny day it genuinely feels like you’re in Italy. The menu was humongous but we ended up going for a ricotta and olive calzone and a pollo campidano. Their speciality cocktail is a classic aperol spritz but I went for an espresso martini because it’s my favourite and it was beautiful. Overall the whole atmosphere of the place was great, the staff were so attentive and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I would definitely recommend Domo.

Those were just 4 of the incredible places in this book, the Little Book of Sheffield, so make sure you get your hands on your copy from loads of independent retailers across the city, the Waterstones website and

To watch the whole video go to our YouTube: Meze Publishing.

Mac’n’cheese at the Grind Café

The Grind Café, Kelham Island

Tokyo Dog, Tokyo Noodle Bowl and the Rhubarb and Raspberry drink from Pom

Pom Kitchen, Sharrow Vale Road

Garlic Mushroom pancakes from Birdhouse Tea Bar and Kitchen

Upstairs at Birdhouse Tea Bar and Kitchen

Outside Domo Restaurant

Aperol Spritz at Domo