High Mood Food was the first London café to pioneer fermented foods for eating out, where Ursel Barnes and her team offered a menu that provided nutrient-packed meals for people on the go. Since our working lives have changed dramatically over the last eight months, the cafés are now closed but High Mood Food’s beautifully designed cook book will soon be hitting shelves so everyone can enjoy natural, fermented, living food at home.

There’s never been a better time to experiment with something new that you can make in your own kitchen, and when the results can improve your health and wellbeing it’s win-win! Every dish in the High Mood Food cook book is good for your gut, from low carb breakfasts that are allergen-friendly to bowls of fresh seasonal produce, proteins and fermented salad dressings for a nourishing lunch or dinner. You’ll also find tips on how to eat with the seasons, feeding your friends and family with gut-healthy snacks and treats, and even how to introduce children to the acquired taste of fermented foods.

As well as featuring over 100 recipes, this book takes you on a journey into the wonderful world of fermenting, showing you just how easy it is to make and keep some staple ferments in your fridge, as our ancestors would have done to preserve their food throughout the seasons. High Mood Food highlights the merits of their ‘5 Ks’ — kefir, kraut, kimchi, kombucha and Kamut, an ancient grain used here to make sourdough bread  — which contain beneficial live bacteria, while championing intuitive eating and inclusive food so we can all ‘go with our gut’.

Whether you are already a ferments fan, or have never thought much about how to improve your gut health before, the High Mood Food cook book offers a complete guide to natural ‘living’ food alongside an array of enticing recipes, designed to help you change your diet for the better and create a way of life that helps you get the most out of each day.

About the Author

The High Mood Food cook book was written by the founder of High Mood Food, Ursel Barnes. Brought up in West Berlin, Ursel was raised on homemade breads, fermented local food and lots of yoga. Following her career in finance, Ursel trained as an executive coach. Working with highly pressurised professional clients, she knows the critical difference a healthy diet makes to wellbeing on every level, from professional performance to personal happiness. Ursel believes the complexity of flavour in fermented foods is essential to exciting veg-centric cooking.

High Mood Food is a 320 page hardback and retails at £20. It will be available to purchase from Amazon, bookshops including Waterstones and online from www.mezepublishing.co.uk.