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Power up your morning with plants

Want a better way to begin your day and get your 2020 off to a healthy start? Look no further than Plant Milk Power, a recipe book full of milks and smoothies made with completely dairy-free ingredients that promises to revolutionise that crucial first meal. 

Whether you’re joining the Veganuary movement, looking to make nutrition a bigger part of your lifestyle, or avoid dairy for health reasons, these recipes for delicious plant-based milks and smoothies are a wonderful resource. Getting a better breakfast is a quick and easy change that will fit into your busy everyday.

The authors, Dr Aparna Prinja and Shital Shah, have shared some pearls of wisdom here to help you on your way. Buy the book to get the full lowdown!

“Over the last few years there has been a surge in popularity for plant-based milks. There has also been much criticism that these dairy-free milks are lacking in essential nutrients. However, this is not always the case. Dairy-free milks made from nuts, seeds, oats, coconuts and tiger nuts are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats and carbohydrates. The nutritional content of these plant-based milks can be further enhanced with the addition of other plant-based ingredients such as chia, moringa (both of which are excellent sources of calcium), kelp (for iodine) and seasonal fruits to name just a few. This is not to say that a plethora of ingredients are needed to make a highly nutritious and tasty milk.  In fact, a few carefully chosen ingredients, all natural and readily available in the UK, can turn your almond milk into a delicious and nourishing drink which is jam-packed with your essential nutritional requirements.

Making your own dairy-free, plant-based milks and smoothies gives you full control over what goes into them, and most take no more than 5 minutes to whizz up. You can then enjoy a fresh, healthy breakfast at home or on the go: all the recipes in our book are designed to be easy and only require minimum effort plus a good blender.

The nutrient dense milks in our book, Plant Milk Power, are a great option for people who are vegans, lactose intolerant or simply want to avoid dairy milk.  They make a tasty and nutritious addition to anyone’s diet and are a great way to get those essential nutrients.”

You can read a full review of the book here: and purchase a copy here

Rise and shine!