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In the midst of fake news and the latest Brexit blunder is the constant supposed nag of veganism. Being and becoming vegan has been a hot topic now for the last few years, with the number of vegans in the UK quadrupling between the years of 2014 and 2018. The popular movement Veganuary had its most sign ups to date this year and statistically shows that the main reasons that people are switching to a vegan lifestyle are because of concerns over animal welfare, the environment and their health.

The beginning of the sudden interest in veganism is hard to pin point but the current worldwide concern over the environment and climate change definitely seems to go hand in hand with the popularisation of it in recent years. Mainstream documentaries such as Blue Planet and Cowspiracy have taken the world by storm and now more than ever people are becoming more conscientious about how they treat the planet and the things in it. The population is slowly but surely being exposed to the effects we have on the world and the ways in which we can improve it by organisations devoted to the cause, the media and dedicated activists.

Alongside the rising societal interest in veganism, is the rapid appearance of alternative lifestyle and diet books in major and independent bookshops. Even here at Meze we have noticed and joined the uprising as it were, as we have released three books in the past two months that are aimed at promoting vegan and alternative diets to improve health amongst other benefits.

However, even though businesses such as ourselves and more big-scale organisations like Veganuary and the Vegan Society are now enjoying the recent rise in vegan popularity and are firmly getting their message out into the public eye, there still seems to be a big pushback by those who seem confused, ignorant or down right unwilling to truly understand the benefits of either going vegan or cutting down on certain foods.

Many see being vegan as a totally “liberal” thing to do, something that the young kids today are doing; another fad of the leftist hippie millennial generation and their allies. Whether this is down to media propaganda or just people being completely uneducated on the subject, veganism is further from being a mere fad and everyone needs to get to grips with it. Those that protest against eating less meat, using milk/dairy alternatives and eating more organic fresh produce most of the time are not actually aware of the facts. Of course, everyone is their own person and the choices they make with their diet and lifestyle is up to them but we cannot keep ignoring the fact that the planet is slowly dying and we can all just do a little something to improve it, whether that be by becoming vegan or just by cutting out meat from one meal a week.

So, I implore everyone out there to get on the net (particularly check out the Vegan Society website) and get clued up with what’s going on rather than claiming that veganism is “just one of those things that millennials do,” and join us in trying to improve the world!

To find out the facts go to the Vegan Society website.

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