Introducing Meze’s first European Cook Book: Amsterdam!

The Amsterdam Cook Book

This year we ventured a little further afield to bring you our first European cook book and where better to start than Amsterdam?  Its narrow cosy streets are brimming with flavour and we have selected some of the city’s highest quality chefs to offer you a variety of exciting dishes to try your hand at!

In partnership with RARE, the Amsterdam Cookbook features over thirty delicious recipes ranging from seafood to pancakes, and a foreword written by Alain Caron, who has over 25 years of experience in the food industry and has a passion for innovative cuisine. With dishes from all walks of the city, from cafés to chippys and farm shops to restaurants, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of fine dining gems tucked away inside.

The book has a real global feel – whilst, of course, the main focus is on the delights of Amsterdam with many of the recipes featuring locally sourced produce, the book contains a range of exotic options. Why not dig into Blauw Amsterdam’s recipes and try a taste of Indonesia? Or take a peek at Caron’s own Café Caron, home to the charms of French cuisine. To quote Caron himself, ‘when all chefs speak the same language: a love of food, there can be no language barrier’, and Amsterdam is an excellent fit for this mind-set, being home to the right mix of diversity and tradition.

With achievable, independent and innovative recipes, The Amsterdam Cookbook has a real taste of everything – so grab your apron, pick up a copy and as we say here at Meze: get stuck in!

Grab yourself a copy of this book if you haven’t already – it retails at just £14.95 and is available at all of the businesses featured in the book as well as select local gift shops, book shops including Waterstones, and online at