I have run my own publishing company since 2003.

Publish Sheffield’s leading entertainment magazine Exposed, 20 Student Housing Guides and pioneering Mandarin magazine for Chinese students studying in the UK, Easy Moshi as well as a range of cook books from chefs like Adam Handling and Colin McGurran.

Food heaven: Fish finger sandwiches – ketchup and mayo

Food hell: Tripe. My mum used to make it when I was a kid and the smell used to make me leave the house for the day.

A graphic designer for over 20 years; I’ve been designing cookbooks for the last 10 years and have been involved in the design and production of a large bookshelf full.

I also collect cook books and have more than I could ever read; and more than my wife can tolerate!

Food heaven: My mums meat & potato pie.

Food hell: Prawn heads.

Writer of Meze Publishing chef books (Chilli Banana, At Home With Simon Wood) and editor of the 'Get Stuck In' series of regional cook books. Also assisting in press and public relations

Food heaven: A roast dinner of some description, with all the trimmings.

Food hell: Baked beans.

I conduct public and press relations for all books and projects to collate media coverage. I also co-ordinate photography for Meze, edit copy, oversee the blog, manage social media and deal with general administrative tasks.

Food heaven: Ramen, apple crumble with custard, anything with matcha, red velvet, elderflower, coconut, goats cheese and pesto.

Food hell: Offal

Originally from Gloucestershire, Anna stayed in Sheffield after graduating from Hallam University. A self-confessed foodie and proud member of Seven Hills WI there is not a room in her house that is without a pile of recipe books. When she is not cooking or eating she is most certainly plotting something food related.

Food heaven: Depends on what day you ask. Anything peanut butter based is a constant theme.

Food hell: Missing a meal... unthinkable.

Marc is from Sheffield and trained to be a designer. He found he loved photography and decided to couple that with his love of food and drink. He also takes pictures of people and dramatic landscapes. If he can do all three at once, he’s a happy man.

Food Heaven: BBQ seafood.

Food Hell: Baked Beans.

After graduating from Sheffield Hallam with a 2:1 in Communication Studies I now spend most of my time talking to lovely people all day about food. What more could you ask for?! The rest of the time I am either going to gigs/festivals or looking at photos of my cats Alfonso and Flash.

Food heaven: Scotch egg

Food hell: Anything spicy, I have the palate of a child.

Originally from the sleepy village of Blyth in Nottinghamshire, Heather graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BA in English Studies and has a love for food, especially desserts. She admits to having the worst sweet tooth and will always track down the best patisseries on holiday and at home! When not eating or talking about food, she can be found nose deep in fashion magazines, makeup and photography books. Or indulging in her favourite music at gigs.

Food heaven: Pizza. Or chocolate and peanut butter on a crumpet.

Food hell: Life without pizza or chocolate and peanut butter.

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