It’s all about the sales

It goes without saying, that all the hard work creating your book is irrelevant if you can’t sell them. Our business model is built to maximise profit, and that means a two-tiered approach to the sales strategy.

  • Direct sales through your restaurant and online through your own website, our website and Amazon, Ebay etc.
  • Sales through book retailers and distributors


Direct sales

The best way of making a large profit on your book is by selling direct to your customers through your existing restaurant, cookery schools, email database etc. We have a proven track record of working with establishments, many perhaps less established than yours, that have made serious money working that way. We also sell all titles on our website and through the likes of Amazon, Ebay etc. fulfilling the orders ourselves to ensure you get the best possible return per book sold.

We provide a list of helpful hints and tips on how to maximise sales as part of the service.

Distributor and retail sales

Large distributors will be happy to consider your book for distribution, and will give you the chance to appear on the shelves of all the major retailers – but for a handsome cut of the profits (often around 50-60%). For this reason, we will restrict the numbers of books sent to major distributors in the first instance in order to maximise your profit.

Where possible, we aim to deal directly with the major book distributors and retailers such as Waterstones, WH Smiths and the large supermarkets on your behalf and negotiate the best deals on offer in order to try to get your title as widely distributed as possible but at a price we can all stomach. We will also seek to place your book in the independent book store network as well as at suitable food and cookware outlets close to you – a great resource and one that can see you gain a greater return.

We build our calculations based on selling 80-90% of the books directly to the reader and the remaining 10-20% through a third party retailer.

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  • on 11th November 2012
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