Henderson’s Relish

Hendersons RelishCome and have a taste of Yorkshire’s best kept secret with The Henderson’s Relish Cookbook.

Made in Sheffield for 130 years, Henderson’s Relish is synonymous with the Steel City, and has a proud place on every kitchen table across the region. To celebrate the beloved Yorkshire Sauce, we teamed up with the family run company to release a cook book featuring a huge variety of delicious recipes inspired by the spicy sauce.

Still blended to Henry Henderson’s original recipe (a secret known only to three living people) the spicy sauce is one of a kind, and has inspired not only food but art, music and literature as well.

As well as showcasing the variety of dishes that can be transformed by a splash or two of Hendo’s, we wanted to delve into the history and mystery of the sauce, taking a look at the cultural icons that have been inspired and comforted by a splash of Hendo’s, from Richard Hawley to Pete McKee and Kid Acne, among others. For instance Richard Hawley remembers, “I spent most of the 1990s on a world tour and got to the point I could even remember my own name at times… When I got home my wife had cooked sausage and mash with gravy and Hendo’s on it. I took one mouthful and burst into tears – the taste of Henderson’s Relish meant I was home at last with my family – the taste of Sheffield.”

Whilst maintaining the proud heritage of the sauce, it was also important for us to alter any preconceptions that Hendo’s can only be used in traditional cooking such as pies and casseroles. To do this we approached chefs with the idea of creating innovative and interesting recipe ideas. The result is a fantastic and diverse range of dishes including beef Asian spring rolls, bloody mary and crab cannelloni, intriguing dessert creations and even a couple of Hendo’s cocktails.

Aiming for more than just a cookbook, the layout was key to getting the most out of the content. After a chapter introducing readers to the history, we interspersed stories of the sauce’s influence on famous figures, artists and musicians between the recipes, to showcase how a simple condiment can become a cultural icon within its own right. This involved using images of artists’ work in addition to our original photography of the food, factory and product itself.

Title: The Henderson’s Relish Cookbook

Paperback: 160 pages

ISBN: 978-0992898137

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  • on 1st November 2014
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