A Girl Called Jack – Cooking on a Budget

img_2148If there was one trend that really took off in 2015, it was a return to the idea that good food doesn’t have lots of ingredients – it is them.

Yet in a busy age where supermarkets dedicate aisle after aisle to convenience foods and pre-packed meals, as romantic as it sounds, a retreat back to fresh produce and real ingredients is sometimes deemed costly and time consuming.

What with speedy-meal pioneer Jamie Oliver already on the scene to show us how to better manage our time, all that’s left is how to better manage our pockets.

Enter Jack Monroe. With an ever-growing social media platform bursting with images of first-rate culinary endeavours, the foodiesphere seems to be at Jack Monroe’s feet. From humble beginnings, the author of A Girl Called Jack is single-handedly redefining what it means to cook on a budget.

‘Hunger Hurts’ was the post that started it all; featuring an insight into the harsh realities of twenty-first-century poverty, Jack makes clear what it really means to live below the breadline. These were the circumstances that led Jack to raid Sainsbury’s Basics selection to see what could be created on a limited budget.

However, Jack’s creations are far from basic and one scroll through her Instagram page will leave you questioning how these hearty meals and finer dishes are limited in any way. Her content is free and plentiful with many hints and tips to get the best out of your ingredients, and it’s evidently what the people to see.

Jack’s very popular 2014 book A Girl Called Jack: 100 delicious budget recipes began as a Kickstarter page to raise £8,000 and achieved three times this within 24 hours. Jack has since introduced a plethora of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipes to her repertoire to appeal to an even wider audience. Showing that, with a bit of effort and initiative, a cheaper shop does not mean compromising on taste when you’re really making the most of your money. All hail the thrifty and the creative.

Written by Holly Vincent.


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  • on 31st August 2016
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