Calling all cat lovers: Sheffield welcomes its first ever cat café!

Ever find yourself procrastinating in the most purrr-fect way possible? Do you have your own beloved playlist of cats doing funny things on YouTube? Of course you do, watching cat videos is what the internet was created for yet in a surprising turn of events for one Sheffield cat enthusiast, this very activity led to a business idea that brings cats and cakes to our city centre. That’s right; the cat café trend has now hit Sheffield and will be opening its doors (and paws) to the public at the beginning of August.

Located next to the Beer Engine on Cemetery Road, Tabby Teas is open to people aged 10 or over and is a perfect student spot. Currently housing 7 cats – with hopes of growing this number to at least 25 in the near future – the café is an ideal place to sit back, relax, and stroke cats! £7.50 will get you an hour and a half whilst £5 sees you through an hour during the evenings. You’ll certainly have no shortage of entertainment – the cats really are the star of the show and are very playful indeed, they even have their own dedicated cat jungle to roam around in!

You needn’t look any further for lunchtime plans or a tasty afternoon treat either, as all the food is prepared offsite and sourced locally. Sandwiches are provided by the neighbouring Beer Engine, and cakes come from the Very Friendly Cupcake Company, whilst the hot drinks range also hails from nearby establishments Tea Experience and Frazer’s Coffee.

Strict hygiene rules are also enforced – ensuring the cats and cakes don’t literally mix – with all staff sticking to roles dedicated either to the food or to the animals. As you’d hope, animal welfare is also a priority; all the cats are well looked after and the owner, Charlotte Pickering,  spent time in Sheffield’s Animal Shelters before starting the business to ensure she fully understood the natural behaviours and mannerisms of cats.

The main attraction of Tabby Teas is its ability to fill the paw-shaped hole in our hearts that many of us suffer from when leaving our furry friends at home. As Pickering puts it:

‘Sheffield is the third biggest student city, lots of people travel to work or study here and have to leave their pets at home – we give people the chance to interact with cats when they are unable to physically have one themselves’.

So, what are you waiting for? Stick that cat video on pause and head on down to Tabby Teas for feline fun and a fine place to dine!

Booking available here:

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